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July 31 - August 13th




We invite you to become part of our upcomping nature retreat .
For two weeks we will tune-in together in the midst of mother nature, on the magic grounds of Klingenmühle and embark on a journey of self-discovery and transformation.

Our vision for this nature retreat is to create a breeding ground for individual and communal development. A playground to unfold as the beautiful human being we came here to be.

During the retreat spacious glamping-tents will be our home and our kitchen team will provide us with fresh vegan/vegetarian soulfood.

nature retreat schweiz collective resonance

Welcome home,
to yourself.

Meet your wild essence
At the source, the water is clear.
We invite you to join us on a journey of discovery to the pure form of life. Explore what your
wild essence sounds, tastes and feels like. Get in touch with the elements of nature, in relationship with our most loving mother earth.

We shed the skin that is not ours and allow ourselves to take on any form, that wants to be expressed in that very moment. We celebrate simplicity, may it be ecstatic or vulnerable, may it be the unity in diversity.

The nature retreat
Being in retreat means going deep. When we live close to nature in a community for 2 weeks we dive deeper than in a weekend workshop or 4-day seminar. It is about prototyping a new lifestyle, discovering a new self, and rewind our habitual patterns in connection with the mirrors of a tribe. Time and space to try things, challenge yourself and integrate what takes time to land.

During the two-week program we weave together practices from different areas into one holistic experience:


Mindfulness & Embodiment

We explore the very nature and interplay of mind, body and breath and come home to ourselves as the ground of all experience.


Conscious Love & Sacred Sexuality

We unleash our desires, stay true to our boundaries and enjoy the liberation from shame as the sexual human being we were born.

*please be aware that nudity might be involved in some of the explorations. Of course taking off your clothes is always voluntary.


Authentic Self-Expression & Play

We create together a safe container to heal and empower our voice, bodily articulation and show up as the authentic self as we came here to be.


Community Living & Relating

We strengthen ourselves to be able to take the challenges and growth opportunities offered while living in community.

You can find more detailed description on the themes here.

The facilitators
An experienced facilitator team will guide you through the themes along the two-week journey.
Find out more about their talents and offerings here.

20170517_Ruth-Walter-4304_1280px-2 (1).jpg

All announcements and program points concerning the whole community will be held in German or English, if there are participants who do not understand German.
The workshops will be held in German or English depending on the facilitator. We make every effort to ensure that language is not a barrier at any point. 

This is what a weekly schedule of resonance might look like

The Location

Accommodation - The Cocoon

During the residency spacious, high-quality cotton-tents will be our home. Our intention is to combine comfort whilst remaining as closely bound to the breath of nature as possible.


Our cocoons are equipped with carpets and crafted basic furniture such as seat cushions, shelves for storage and meditation cushions. 


There is space for 3-4 beds in each cocoon, a matress is provided for each participant and can be re-arranged into double-bed formation.


There is an option staying in your own van or tent, the price remains the same though.


The experience includes:

  • daily facilitated workshops by an experienced team

  • sleeping onsite in spacious, furnished glamping-tents (or your own van, tent etc.)

  • 3 x vegan/vegetarian soulfood per day

  • daily possibilities to transform, love and connect with yourself, others and nature :)

Ticket options

  • The complete 2 week immersion: 31 July - 13 Aug price/person 1690 CHF

  • 1 week deep dive: 31 July - 05 Aug price/person 920 CHF

  • 1 week deep dive: 08 Aug - 13 Aug price/person 920 CHF


Our nature residency is a family friendly event, therefore the participation is free for children up to 12 years. For children aged 12 - 16 years is half-price.

You can choose your preferred ticket option in the booking process below.


Klingenmühle, 8560 Märstetten (CH)

Please find further information regarding payment and cancellation on the following sales page.

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