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Our experienced facilitators will guide you through the themes along the two-week journey.



Shivani started her yogic journey 17 years ago in Tel Aviv. Her path led her to a Sivananda Ashram, where she learned, taught, and lived a traditional yogi lifestyle for a year.

Since then, Yoga has been one of her most powerful tools for life.

Shivani has more than ten years of teaching experience. She teaches Vinyasa/Hatha flow, yin, family/kids and prenatal yoga. More than anything, it fills her heart to share the magic of this practice with you.

Livia Lea Maag

Livia is a Sexological Bodyworker, Tantrica, Coach for Sex and Love and organizer of Sensual Speed Dating and the Wild Love Festival.

Accompanying people on the way of shedding their layers of armour from generation long traumas into the blossoming of their wild and tender sensuality is pure joy to her. She is still in this emergence herself - of healing the deep wounds of her inner feminin and masculine. And feels an authentic self-love arising from it - giving way to living her full potential - as a human being and a transmitter of this sacred work. Livia has had profound realizations in the process of becoming a mother. Now she is on fire to reawaken the holiness of giving birth. And support other mothers and fathers in discovering their newly shaped bodies and sexuality.


Rafa Pinheiro

Rafa is a big-hearted intuitive coach that sees the light and potential in every being. In his workshops and one to one sessions, he likes to explore physical, energetical and spiritual dimensions, from still missionless surrender to wild body, breath and voice expressions.

He is thankful for experiencing the mysteries of this sacred world while trying to integrate ancestral teachings into his everyday life. Living and loving authentically is one of his biggest goals as a father and a human.

Rafa is a Master Practitioner in Energy Medicine, a Coach in Systemic Bodywork (including Haka) and an Alchemical Breathing Facilitator with focus on Sacred Sexuality.

Kristin Pinheiro

Kristin is a breathwork and sound-healing facilitator as well as a studied musician.

With her enthusiasm for the healing effect of music, vocal expression, breath and movement she loves to create safe spaces where her playful approach allows authentic self-expression and transformation.

During her travels in Latin America some years ago she got into contact with ancient wisdom that deeply influenced her connection with mother earth and everything surrounding us.

At the same time, she went through the depths of the female energy, discovering the personal balance between yin an yang. She deepened her knowledge of sacred sexuality and female alchemy in various trainings.

She does women’s circles and loves to explore the dance of the polarities.

20170517_Ruth-Walter-4304_1280px-2 (1).jpg

Ruth Walter

Ruth is a Coach, Medicine Guide and Inner Dance Facilitator.

She wants a world that is mindful and connected and where masculine and feminine ways are balanced.

She loves to work with the invisible sides of life, like the mystery and intuition.

As a trained Council Guide she has deep respect for the gifts of ancient knowledge and the power that it brings to today's world.

Her facilitation style is authentic, honest and benevolent. That makes her a powerful mirror.

Ilja Simon

Ilja is a Somatic Psychologist and Breathwork-Facilitator.

He loves to create and hold spaces which are experimental, experiential and encourage to explore in an attentive way our inner and outer experience as human beings. 

To widen each individual's awareness and foster positive self-actualization is at the heart of his mission.

His facilitation style is warmhearted, gentle & intuitive, reaching for the depth within oneself.

He is guiding 1 on 1 counseling as well as group-experiments.


Marc Walter

Marc is a scientist and bodyworker, celebrating the vibrant energies of communal living, pure awareness and true health. ​

Key values of trust, honesty, freedom and friendship are his close companions. Taking simplicity as a ground opens up the opportunity to connect deeply. As a father, he wishes to co-create sacred spaces for future generations to thrive.

With awe and wonder for mother nature's magic, he follows the call for adventure.​

He is a practitioner and teacher of Qi-Gong, somatic meditation and tantra massages.

Philipp Eyer

Philipp is a Yoga Instructor, MBSR teacher & documentary filmmaker.


With curiosity and openness he likes to explore inner and outer worlds with his body, with mindfulness, and with a camera lens.

22 years ago he fell in love with the practice of Yoga Asana, Pranayama and Mindfulness Meditation. 

Since then he has been deepening his practice by learning from teachers of various traditions. 


He loves to share his practical experience in a humble and joyful way.

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